In the last eight months, I've flown more miles than I've driven in my entire life.  I've gone through airport security so many times my luggage glows.  I've eaten my own weight in airplane food and witnessed a stewardess on stewardess fight.  I once spent four hours on the ground in a plane, to take a ninety minute flight.  Last week I was downgraded.  This morning I asked the gate agent if I could change my middle seat assignment- she just laughed.

I don't like flying.  I've never gotten over my fear of death - I've only prioritized it below greed.  I realized early on, that in order to get what was over 'there' - I'd have to get 'there' somehow. I now have a much harder time tolerating the mass quantities of people and the homesickness.  Negotiating three home towns at once makes me feel like I constantly have a concussion.  I often wake up not knowing what city I'm in.

I live in my own version of the Bermuda Triangle...


O'Hare International Airport
Chicago, IL
August 21, 2000

San Francisco Airport
San Francisco, CA
August 24, 2000

Seattle Tacoma Airport
Seattle, WA
August 16, 2000

San Jose International Airport
San Jose, CA
August 18, 2000

Seattle Tacoma Airport
Seattle, WA
October 13, 2000

John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport
New York, NY
September 12, 2000